Mill Bay Traditional Martial Arts Academy

Testimonial Category: Tai Chi


I recently returned to Mill Bay Traditional Martial Arts after an absence of 6 years. I missed the practice over those years and looked forward to the time that my busy lifestyle allowed me to return, and I am happy that I made the commitment to myself to return. The dojo is clean, spacious and well equipped. Whether you’re practicing Tai Chi or Karate, the six virtues that make up a Martial Artist’s lifestyle – Humility, Honour, Patience, Compassion, Loyalty and Gratitude – are followed. The techniques and their applications are clearly and safely demonstrated, and the student has adequate time to practice the demonstrated skills. I enjoy the practice of Tai Chi, and have learned the ability to use it for relaxation and I am building the confidence to use the Tai Chi fighting skills. Traditional weapons training is also part of a Karate or Tai Chi class, with students learning weapons kata as well as empty hand kata.

Before the Tai Chi class I sit and watch the “kids” class. It’s wonderful to see children learning these skills and building their confidence – and also learning and respecting the Six Virtues.


Mill Bay has no idea how lucky we are.

This has been a really nice experience for me. I am new to this dojo and the instructor is excellent. I feel very welcome. He is an excellent communicator and very passionate regarding his teachings. Everyone was very kind and supportive at the dojo. Other students encouraged me when I was learning. In all myContinue Reading

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