Mill Bay Traditional Martial Arts Academy

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan

at the Mill Bay Traditional Martial Arts Academy

Monday and Wednesday  6 pm to 7 pm


What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that focuses on the cultivation of internal energy. The aim of Tai Chi is to harmonize the mind, body and spirit hence, promoting both mental and physical health. Tai Chi is used as a form of meditation with deep breathing combined with a series of movements that are structured continuously. If Tai Chi is practice correctly the movements will appear rhythmical, effortless and in continuous flow. Tai Chi can also be an effective system of self-defence. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and sexes because it does not rely on strength, force or speed. People who practice Tai Chi find that they will become revitalized, relaxed, tolerant, stronger and healthier in both body and mind.

With regular practice, the physical benefits of Tai Chi Chuan may include:
• Better balance and coordination
• Improved concentration and increased awareness
• Increased strength and flexibility
• Strengthened muscles and reduced muscular stiffness
• Oxygenation of every cell and muscle in your body
• Self massage of the internal organs
• Regulation of the immune systems
The health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan may include:
•  Better relaxation and calm  • Relief of back pain  • Improved posture both when still and moving  •  Assists digestive system and abdominal organs  • Improved circulation  • Reduced high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, headache, diabetes and heart disease

Testimonials for Tai Chi

Here is what our students are saying.


I recently returned to Mill Bay Traditional Martial Arts after an absence of 6 years. I missed the practice over those years and looked forward to the time that my busy lifestyle allowed me to return, and I am happy that I made the commitment to myself to return. The dojo is clean, spacious and well equipped. Whether you’re practicing Tai Chi or Karate, the six virtues that make up a Martial Artist’s lifestyle – Humility, Honour, Patience, Compassion, Loyalty and Gratitude – are followed. The techniques and their applications are clearly and safely demonstrated, and the student has adequate time to practice the demonstrated skills. I enjoy the practice of Tai Chi, and have learned the ability to use it for relaxation and I am building the confidence to use the Tai Chi fighting skills. Traditional weapons training is also part of a Karate or Tai Chi class, with students learning weapons kata as well as empty hand kata.

Before the Tai Chi class I sit and watch the “kids” class. It’s wonderful to see children learning these skills and building their confidence – and also learning and respecting the Six Virtues.


Mill Bay has no idea how lucky we are.

This has been a really nice experience for me. I am new to this dojo and the instructor is excellent. I feel very welcome. He is an excellent communicator and very passionate regarding his teachings. Everyone was very kind and supportive at the dojo. Other students encouraged me when I was learning. In all my travels, I have yet to find a better instructor. Mill Bay has no idea how lucky we are.

By Peder

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